Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery and Restoration

Our Christian recovery programs are led by Christ-centered therapists amd staff who are trained in addiction, spiritual, and Biblical recovery. They provide Biblical counseling within the framework of the Christian treatment program.

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Darryl and Tracy Strawberry Christian Recovery Program

The Darryl and Tracy Strawberry Christian Recovery Program was designed with the whole person in mind. God created each of us as a three-part being consisting of Spirit, Soul (mind, will, emotions), and Body. To experience the fullness of Christian recovery, it is imperative that each of these components of the individual is ministered to and treated, as God wants His people whole: nothing missing, nothing broken.

Components of the Darryl and Tracy Strawberry Christian Recovery Program

Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center

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Clean Sober Saved - Tracy Strawberry

Clean Sober & Saved Curriculum

Do you encounter people who struggle with God or need help embracing their Spiritual Connection within their recovery? Do they seek answers to some of the questions about the "God Piece" in recovery? If so, The Clean, Sober & Saved curriculum was designed to be a helpful resource to you and to those you serve.

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