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House of Hope Orlando

House of Hope partners with Darryl and Tracy Strawberry

What House of Hope Orlando offers:

As a non-denominational, not-for-profit, Christ-centered residential program, House of Hope offers hurting teens, ages 13-17, a place to find hope and healing in a loving, supportive environment and be reconciled to their families.


Social agencies and institutions try to help teenagers, but young people continue to desperately yearn for love, purpose, direction and a sense of being wanted.  There is no lasting help without the power of Jesus Christ.  Institutions don’t tuck teenagers at night…but House of Hope does.  House of Hope counts it a privilege to love, serve and help hurting teens and their families.


House of Hope residents participate in healthy competition, working out frustrations and stress.  Our physical education program includes basketball, volleyball, soccer, and many other sports.  Our gymnasium allows our teens to participate in athletic competition, and we rely on many volunteers to assist in teaching other extra curricular activities such as arts, drama, personal and professional development and other social and creative skills.

Living Skills

Because our ultimate goal is to enable troubled teenagers to become productive and healthy citizens, the House of Hope program includes instruction in life skills.  As a starting point, each resident is assigned specific household duties and chores. Responsibility is earned and tested through  phase systems, which rewards sincere attitude change.

Prayer Ministry

Troubled teens are usually unable to respond properly to authority and cannot relate to peers.  To deal with these problems, House of Hope provides a loving, stable environment where residents learn responsibility, submit to authority and relate affectively to peers and adults.  This is accomplished through intensive individual and family prayer ministry, strong spiritual guidance and parental coaching designed to heal fractured family relationships.  We offer a dedicated staff of prayer ministers.


Each resident attends our on-campus school, Hope Academy, which features the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum, enabling residents to fill in educational gaps resulting from poor school attendance and lack of motivation.  Hope Academy offers a high school diploma with transferable credits.  Upon arrival, each resident is given diagnostic testing to determine an appropriate placement level, then an individualized education plan is implemented to allow each student to progress at his or her own pace.

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